Comparing with resistive touch panel, capacitive touch panel has following advantages:
1. Capacitive touch panel only need be touched, but don’t need the press for generating signal.
2. Capacitive touch panel only need to be adjusted one time or don’t need to be adjusted, but resistive touch panel need to be routinely adjusted.
3. The using life of capacitive solution will be longer, since the parts of capacitive touch panel don’t need to be moved.
4. Capacitive solution is better than resistive solution in the light loss and the system power.
5. Capacitive solution can be used for big size touch panel, and the cost is relative lower.
6. Capacitive touch panel can stand wear and tear, the maintenance cost is low for user.
7. Capacitive touch panel can support multi-touch technology, and it’s not as slow response as resistive touch panel.

Structure of capacitive touch panel: